Broken screw removal instrument set and internal fixation removal instrument

SEQPRODUCT NAMESPECIFICATIONUNITQUANTITY1Torx screwdriverT8(φ2.46)*90mm/T10(φ3.0)*90mm/T15(φ3.4)*90mmPC1 EACH2Torx screwdriverT20(φ4.3)*90mm/T25(φ4.5)*90mm/T30(φ5.2)*90mmPC1 EACH3Torx screwdriverT9(φ2.7)*90mm/T18(φ3.9)*90mm/T6(φ1.8)*90mmPC1 EACH4Torx screwdriverT7(φ2.36)*90mmPC15hexagon sc

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Broken Screw Removal Instrument Set & Internal Fixation Take out Instrument
1Torx screwdriverT8(φ2.46)*90mm/T10(φ3.0)*90mm/T15(φ3.4)*90mmPC1 EACH
2Torx screwdriverT20(φ4.3)*90mm/T25(φ4.5)*90mm/T30(φ5.2)*90mmPC1 EACH
3Torx screwdriverT9(φ2.7)*90mm/T18(φ3.9)*90mm/T6(φ1.8)*90mmPC1 EACH
4Torx screwdriverT7(φ2.36)*90mmPC1
5hexagon screwdriver 90mmSW1.5/SW2.0/SW2.5PC1 EACH
6hexagon screwdriver 90mmSW3.0/SW3.5/SW4.0PC1 EACH
7hexagon screwdriver 90mmSW4.5/SW5.0/SW5.5PC1 EACH
8broken nail hollow saw 90mmφ2.0/φ2.7PC1 EACH
9broken nail hollow saw 150mmφ4.0/φ5.0/φ6.5/φ8.0PC1 EACH
10broken nail extractorφ3.5/φ4.0PC1
11broken nail extractorφ4.5/φ5.0PC1
12drill bitφ6.0/φ5.0PC1 EACH
13drill bitφ4.0PC1
14trephine 90mmφ4.0/φ5.0PC1 EACH
15trephine 90mmφ6.5PC1
16slip extractor 90mmSW2.0/2.7PC1 EACH
17slip extractor 90mmSW2.5/SW3.5/SW4.0PC1 EACH
18fixed screw extractor90mmPC1
19cross screwdriver90mmPC1
20straight screwdriver 90mmφ3/φ6PC1 EACH
21square screwdriverφ1.2/φ1.5PC1 EACH
22broken screw holding forceps PC1
23reamer PC1
24sharp hook PC1
25round sword for bone8mmPC1
26T shape quick handle PC1
27straight quick handle PC1
28instrument box PC1

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