Orthopedic casting tape fiberglass for bone fixation

Material : Fiberglass/PolyesterUsage : Surgical care; Orthopedic bandage; Bone Immobilization;Character :Easy and flexible to operateHardening Quickly.Water proofExcellent permeabilityLight weight and Great strengthGood radiolucencyEasy to plasticity.Health and beauty, comfortable and safety How to useChoose

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Material : Fiberglass/Polyester
Usage : Surgical care; Orthopedic bandage; Bone Immobilization;

Character :
  1. Easy and flexible to operate
  2. Hardening Quickly.
  3. Water proof
  4. Excellent permeability
  5. Light weight and Great strength
  6. Good radiolucency
  7. Easy to plasticity.
  8. Health and beauty, comfortable and safety
  • How to use
  1. Choose proper specification
  2. Wear medical gloves
  3. Open the package and dip the cast into water for 2-3 seconds, then press out the water.
  4. Wrap the fracture part with 3-4 layers for supporting. Do not wrap it too tightly.
  5. Shape it and then it will finish hardening in 20 minutes.
  • Attention.
  1. Must wear medical gloves to prevent the cast stick to the hand.
  2. Do not open two at one time, please open the package one by one
  3. Please to apply it in 3-5minutes, in case of hardening.
  4. Storage in cool and dry place, do not break the package, which will prevent the product hardening.
  5. Hardening time is relate to the temperature, and how much water used.
Orthopedic Casting Tape Glass Fiber for Bone Fixation
Orthopedic Casting Tape Glass Fiber for Bone Fixation

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